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Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Economic Geography / Ritsumeikan University, College of Business Administration

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Aspire Communication on Hybrid HM Solutions for IHRM

Professor Dr. Rolf Schlunze (Ritsumeikan University) conducted in collaboration with Prof. Will Baber (Kyoto University) a workshop to find new practices for International Human Resource Management in Japan. A developmental approach in Human Resource Management (HRM) has been found within many Japanese corporations. Recently however, a Western style competence approach seems to be gaining momentum, not only at foreign owned firms in Japan. Reconciling Western and Eastern worldviews, not in the form of global convergence but cultural cross-vergence will promote better IHRM. These evolving HRM approaches were discussed in the workshop and potential solutions for HRM in Japan were considered. The aims of the workshop were to understand different cultural approaches in HRM and to think ahead about how to develop appropriate hybrid organizational forms and processes.
The workshop was designed to be mutually beneficial to the participants through an intensive exchange of ideas and practical training. Selected students with a good command of English participated in the workshop as it was held entirely in English. International managers described their experiences implementing HR management strategies in intercultural workplaces. The workshop had three structural elements: a) presentations about challenges of IHRM; b) interviews and open ended role plays; and c) finally a discussion about how to solve HR problems.

The students gave very positive feedback. They appreciated the guest speakers, Mr. Kasagami and Mr. Vacher, who are internationally experienced managers. Conducting role plays with these professionals was seen as real. They appreciated the good opportunity to discuss with both managers who created the hybrid organization company. Ms. Wang Xiyu (Tracy) from China mentioned "I really appreciated this workshop. By listening to the managers and communicating with classmates, I really got a better understanding of cross-culture situation". Benoit Couvois from France participated in the SIEM workshop again and mentioned that the workshops are always interesting and that Mr. Kasagami and Mr. Vacher are a great example of what can be done in hybrid management.
After the workshop all students were positive about the idea that good IHRM is about creating hybrid solutions where all local and expatriated employees feel integrated. Two French students emphasized that if one wants to create this new kind of cross cultural management solution, systematic thinking and the agreement of all employees is important. They were positive that within the process of globalization, people will find a way to reach a compromise. Most the students believe that standardization and localization can be balanced. A Japanese student found the concept of harmony as helpful to overcome difficulties that matter with globalization issues especially in Japan. The best student report of can be downloaded .

SIEM Workshop

Prof. Rolf Schlunze introduces senior managers Charles Vacher and Takashi Kasagami

SIEM Workshop

Charles Vacher joins Will Baber's role play providing a flair of a real business situation

SIEM Workshop

Professor Schlunze concludes regarding hybrid solutions for IHRM

SIEM Workshop

Students show how much they enjoy the workshop