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Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Economic Geography / Ritsumeikan University, College of Business Administration

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SIEM Workshop on Co-Leadership at BKC, November 2012

Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze (Ritsumeikan University) and Professor Will Baber (Kyoto University) conducted a workshop on co-leadership for 50 Japanese and international students on November 18th. The workshop was joined by the two co-CEOs of BNP-Partitas Security Tokyo, Mr. Charles Vacher and Mr. Takashi Kasagami. Before the workshop Dr. Schlunze surveyed their case of successful partnership and synergy creation in the intercultural workplace. In preparation for the workshop, students learned about cultural adjustment, preferences and networking in the corporate, market and living environment. During the workshop students had opportunities to directly interact with the co-CEOs.

Feedback regarding the workshop entirely was positive. All students stated that they learnt something concrete from the workshop, that the interaction with the professionals and with their co-students was valuable. Additionally, all students indicated that information in the workshop was motivating for them and that they wish to participate again. Some students of course cannot participate again because they are returning to their home countries or graduating soon. We hope to invite them one day as professionals! In this way SIEM seeks to establish a long term sustainable network for research and practical discussion. We will inform graduates about the workshop and other SIEM meetings by e-mail and through

Feedback from students regarding the event was overwhelmingly positive. (See Table 1.)

We asked the students "After the workshop, do you believe that the adjustment and/or partnership provide a solution to overcome cultural differences?" Twenty eight answered with Yes and 4 with No. Specific comments follow.

We also asked if the students believe that preferences in the corporate, market and living environment need to be complementary to work successfully together? 29 students agreed that sharing similar preferences is helpful for the business success but five students disagreed. Specific comments follow.

Thirty six students agreed that transparency and information sharing in the common network is a powerful method to achieve co-leadership success. Only one student disagreed.

As the pictures show the guest speakers, the international students and domestic students did enjoy the experimental and academic experience of the workshop very much. Especially the social network activity of Professor Baber received good feedback by our students. Professor Schlunze further discussed dynamics synergy creation together with the students preparing for a speech contest. They learnt from the of co-leadership case that compromising is an important phase in the process of reaching synergy through a lengthy process in the intercultural workplace.

SIEM Workshop

Prof. William Baber

SIEM Workshop

Mr. Kasagami presents to RU students

SIEM Workshop

Mr. Vacher explains to students

SIEM Workshop

French student, Thibaut Fantian, discusses with co-CEO Vacher