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Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Economic Geography / Ritsumeikan University, College of Business Administration

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11th SIEM Workshop: How Bryan Norton educates local employees at T-MARK in communication skills

A SIEM workshop was held at Ritsumeikan BKC on 19th June 2013 about Diversity Management in Japan with Bryan Norton (CEO of T-MARK). During the workshop students of international business administration learned about Bryan's unique approach. He convinced the audience that teamwork with members from diverse cultures is possible in Japan. Many questions about diversity management were addressed and Bryan enthused his audience to make efforts to communicate with people from other countries efficiently.

Bryan introduces four key skills to his employees to enable them to work on a global scale. These skills include comprehension, anticipation, awareness, and engagement. He indicated that knowing one another's thinking is critical in order to solve problems inside a team. Bryan believes that many Japanese employees are not willing to do the job if they do not understand the meaning properly. Thus, he is patient to explain several times to his employees until they really understand what they need to do. If his staff does not ask any question he asks. Further, he assists them in problem solving. A key problem among his staff is that they cannot discuss work issues easily with each other. Lack of discussion is in turn an obstacle to decision making. However, Bryan, acting as a good leader, supports his staff and believes that correct decisions do not have to be made every time. Instead, he believes that his local staff must learn to make decisions and to take responsibility for their decisions. Thus, he believes it is important to listen to others, and to respect other peoples' ideas even when risk of failure is involved.

Obviously, Bryan can be perceived as a good leader enabling his employees to take challenges and to have personal satisfaction for their achievements. His honest and straightforward statements encouraged workshop participants to join a multi-cultural workforce. By sharing his experiences and unique approach he created a valuable opportunity to prepare for a better and multi-cultural workplace future in Japan.


Bryan Norton, CEO of T-MARK, encourages his Japanese audience to speak up!