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Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Economic Geography / Ritsumeikan University, College of Business Administration

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13th SIEM workshop discussing Guanxi of Chinese entrepreneurs in Japan

Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze & Prof. Masaki Mori (Ritsumeikan University) conducted a workshop about the networking practices of successful Chinese entrepreneurs in Japan on June 7, 2014. Chinese managers equipped with Guanxi are powerful networkers. However, to be successful in Japan the managers need to adjust to the cultural business environment and pro-actively bridge cultural differences within their business network. The Chinese entrepreneurs described their business activities and intercultural networking. Students eagerly assessed the Chinese managers' cultural orientation, preferences and networking in the corporate, market, living environment in order to see how they develop their networking strategies. The workshop has three structural elements: Mr. Chang Yulan (President of C&S) spoke about certifying standards for products of transnational corporations; and Ms. Anna Cao (President of Nikka) taught the students important aspects of the globalizing IT companies.

All students found that the interaction of professionals was valuable. Professors filed up material including questionnaires for the interview that needed to be conducted with the two managers after their presentations. Students stated that the information in this workshop has been motivating to them and that they learned something concrete from participating in this workshop. After the workshop all students agree that sharing network information is needed to succeed in global and local markets. Rike found that Guanxi is most important key to success in business all over the world. Ms. Anna Cao answered that Guanxi relates to the business. Naoto concluded that there is no success without sharing networks. Ryo found that a big element to succeed in business is people. Therefore, networking is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur should have. Daniel from Germany found that we are in a global world and that we can only work successfully together, if we share information. Aom from Thailand went further and suggested that the more connections you have, the more your business will be successful. The original SIEM management appraisal was introduced and students found it was effective to interview about acculturation. Students observed that by assessing cultural differences, such an appraisal can sustain strategic power of company in the adjustment process. The students believe that nowadays entrepreneurs need to have the ability to collaborate with each other when creating new businesses globally. Nowadays, many companies feel the limit of what they can do by themselves found Rike and concluded that collaboration of different industries is good for the business in the future. Daniel pointed out that in a globalizing world more skills, e.g. communication skills, are needed. Our guest speakers also mentioned that without collaboration within their network it would be difficult to survive.

Prof. Dr. Schlunze explains the management appraisal

Prof. Dr. Mori explains the Guanxi Network

Mr. Yulan Chang explains about his experiences embedding his business in Japan

Ms. Anna Cao talks about necessary adjustments of IT people that wish to go global

Students interview Chinese entrepreneurs

Students wrap up their results by poster