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Professor Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Economic Geography / Ritsumeikan University, College of Business Administration

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15th Workshop - Discussing Intercultural Workplaces and Diversity Management in Japan

Professor Dr. Rolf Schlunze led a GBL research project conducting interviews with managing directors at workshops and during company visits. The aim of the GBL Research Project was to learn how to recognize and reconcile cultural differences in the workplace, and to investigate preferences and networking of international managers. On 17th June the president Mr. Reisei Kawahara from Suncolor Shipping Co.,Ltd (SCS) was invited as a guest speaker. GBL Project Research students interviewed him about his experiences in the intercultural workplace. On 24th June Mr. Rick Cogley, the CEO of eSolia Inc., was interviewed about how he adjusts and manages cultural differences. On 27th June, Mr. Xiubang Zhang, the president of NEUSOFT Japan talk about his diversity in the Chinese-Japanese workplace. Graduate students used onscreen software to analyze the manager's preferences and mapped his network. GBL Project Research students visited the intercultural workplaces of Rediscover Japan K.K. and IKEA Kobe interviewing the managing director.

All students involved in the workshops presented their results on 11th July 2015 in an E-Poster session. Results about the intercultural workplace of SCS, Rediscover Japan, P&G, IKEA and NEUSOFT Japan were presented. After watching the film HaFu students discussed about diversity in the living and workplace. Students found that leaders and co-workers need to be educated about diversity issues. Mr. Edward Sumoto gave an adaptation of his TEDxKobe talk and pointed out that there is need to teach more about diversity management at Japanese universities. However, R+ students found that diversity manuals are not sufficient to ensure fair treatment in intercultural workplaces but found that our society needs to learn to become more integrative to increasing population of diverse people.

Interview with Mr. Kawahara (SCS)

Interview with Mr. Rick Cogley (eSolia)

Interview with Mr. Zhang (NEUSOFT)

Interview with Cristal Huang at IKEA Kobe